Hi; This is the article I sent out to all Protectors. Thought others might find it useful.

My friends, there are many things I have taught you, and many more things that I have implied in those teachings, things that you will have discovered as you worked with the many facets of protection. One of those things is that the world is crying out for Vision, is in desperate need of both it and people of Vision, but they don’t know it yet, or worse, feel that there already are people of Vision in charge. They have surrendered their salvation to political leaders, social leaders, religious leaders, etc., and their own, limited historical self, yet none of these leaders have the Vision to see beyond and through this world into the realm of truth and purpose beyond self. And this is equally true, catastrophically true in my opinion, of to many on the spiritual path as well. This is why we have arrived at this point in time, a time that will later be recorded as a great awakening but that those of us living through it will experience as a descent into chaos.

You see, too many who should have known better have not changed according to their knowledge—or perhaps I should say that too many have not done the work to transform their information into the knowledge that would have transformed life. And now we will never know what would have been wrought in the world had they broken through their hypnotic trance so singularly focused on the physical and their illusions, and touched the light of life.

What we do know is that too many have not done the work, too many gave, and continue to give, their power, their commitment, their purpose, and choice away to others to wield as they would. Those who had the information of Vision and awakening chose to wield it casually while continuing to surrender the reins of life to those who have proven unworthy, had already proven unworthy.

But, do not worry, the window of transformation has not closed. (Here I am not speaking of the window that would have allowed our work to have a softening influence on what is happening and on what is to come. That door is closed.) I am saying that the door of transformation remains open and everyone will be either guided or forced through it. The transformation is going to happen both individually and globally. It is time and what will be will be. We have called these times to us to help us finally turn the Vision that has been consumed by the surface of things, towards the eternal freedom and truths that our true Vision has been holding out to us all this time.

Obviously, we have entered the times that have been spoken of. It is here, there is no mistaking it, and the end of all that will transpire in the coming years will culminate with the sweet fruit of knowledge, freedom, and Vision. Between here and there is what will appear to many as the problem—a time of tumult and challenge.

But is it really? Are we not, each, frustrated with our lack of diligence in our work and our attainment? Hasn’t the work we have done clarified the Vision that has always driven us? making us yearn for the realizations that are seeking expression in our lives and hearts now! Have we not called this needed transformation out of our own hearts by of the deep pain and frustration that is lodged there? Did we not ask for “help” from those who have long sought to help? Long have we called, crying out of the darkness, for relief and help to light out path. And the help has arrived. So why should we put such a negative label to it?

I suggest you not focus on what your physical eyes see but fix you attention on the purity of Vision that is emerging from your heart now. Ultimately, that is the solution anyhow. What is important going forward is not what is happening in the greater world outside, but what is happening in the quiet places of your heart. You know what you have to do, and it has little to do with the outer world. Of course, we will need to attend there, respond there, act there as well, but we have been trapped in the physical for too long and must turn our attention to something loftier, something freer so that this world can be transformed into the creative playground it was designed to be. We hold it in the old place by our attachment to the old!

In this letter, I want to share two suggestions that will help you both now and moving forward as well. The first suggestion is for your personal life. It is to simply accept what is happening and respond to it. Those of you who have taken the Training know that in the 1st call of the 1st year, I teach that the quality of acceptance is essential to our spiritual journey.

In acceptance, we embrace whatever is in our experience as something that simply IS, rather than as something good or bad. And as we embrace what IS in our experience and respond to it in the ways our hearts direct us to, we will find ourselves guided by that “still-small voice” through, over, or under whatever obstacles we encounter. More than that, since we no longer hold onto our past judgments, assumptions, wounds, fears, or angers, but allow them to flow through our attention, we will not attract experiences of darkness but use all experience as an opportunity to purge that darkness.

In my own life, I am receiving very clear communications that life seems to want more of my attention than I have chosen to give it recently. So, I could fuss and rail against what IS, or I can accept it and do what is being asked, focus and act in the world where my Vision and the world’s needs intersect. To do that, I have had to expand my understanding of my Vision, but that can only enhance the whole and it will cultivate qualities that I have neglected.

Additionally, or even better, as you willingly do the work you are being called to, you will not have to be dragged “kicking and screaming” across the finish line. Make no mistake, we will cross the finish line. What is less certain is what condition we will find ourselves in as we do, that is up to us and the choices we make going forward.

So acceptance and response to what IS should be your guiding light going forward, at least in your personal lives. This is the way to move through these troubles most easily and to be guided away from the worst of what is coming down the ‘pike. However, please understand that I am not suggesting passivity! That is what has brought us to this mess! No, embrace, accept, and RESPOND from your heart, authentically and energetically.

The second suggestion is to use the skills you have acquired to help you now. The reason I Vision Quest so much is because whenever I would begin to sense the loss of my connection to my Vision, when it would begin to fade from my heart, the situation was invariably so painful to me that I would go back to the Hill to Quest and to recharge and reconnect. It was and remains essential.

The Quest allows you to consciously touch pure chaos within—in a controlled way. And through touching it you come to know the darkness that still drives you, and discover the Vision that will shine light into that dark place bringing freedom and relief. Obstacles seem to melt away as energy, understanding, and clarity of Vision flood awareness.

And isn’t this the process that is flooding the planet right now? Isn’t the planetary consciousness experiencing a Vision Quest experience where chaos is encountered and awareness of and response to that chaos is required? In the Quest, the largest part of the healing is a purging of the darkness that stands in our way. It is a kind of being wrung out. And isn’t that, too, what people are experiencing right now?

It seems everyone is on “edge”, “at the end of their rope”, “fed up”, and most are emotionally pulling back from engaging in life. And, truthfully, that is a good practice because success can be measured by simply surviving the changes. I doubt there will be many extra points, or gold stars, for getting through it with grace.

So, of course, my suggestion is to Quest. That is how to align with what is happening within and without and to be in harmony within yourself right now. We must learn to “surf” the very front edge of this wave of change and transformation rather than get dragged along the ocean floor to the shore. Here is the greatest safety in this journey, because while everyone is going to cross the finish line, some will be dragged and some will achieve mastery of the process. The choice is yours.

Of course, also work all the other tools of the Protector Course, especially the Oneness walk. I don’t have space to cover each item, each skill, now, but Chuck has a listing of the Advanced Protector CDs that are available to refresh you and to expand your knowledge if you feel you would like or need that.

Finally, people still do not know how badly they need to Vision Quest. They are still looking outside themselves for salvation, trusting those who claim to have the answers. But that claim is a mere mask and we will all soon learn how bankrupt the system has become and will be forced to turn within for the guidance and the authority to live our lives as we will. Why not get started now? Why not learn to “surf”?

So, we are presented with a small window; why not consider offering a Quest in your area, find a place, get the help, and design the simple advertising. Please consider offering the Quest to your community. The need is great and increasing even if most people don’t know it yet. And they cannot know it until you begin to speak about the Quest and the gifts it offers. You just might ignite a fire in the hearts of many who now feel adrift without direction or purpose, feeling frightened and overwhelmed and looking for a rescuer. What difference if it is one person or a hundred?

We are in the times that were foretold. In some people the need for clarity and Vision is strong, for others it is desperate. However, one thing is certain, everyone now is in need of being purged of their darkness and needs to find their light, their Vision to help them navigate through what they see as their darkness and the dark times we are in.

You are Protectors! You are Protectors not because you like to accumulate random knowledge. You are Protectors because of a deep compassion and a fierce protective nature that rises up to defend those who are struggling. It is what you do, it is why you are here now. Fulfilling that calling will give your life a purpose and direction now, a path through the dark.

So, I am asking you to focus on that Vision, that part of your nature, and share it with those who are in need. It will align you with those grand Protectors who are guiding the global experience of the Vision Quest and it will fulfill something inside of you. Everything you learned in your Protector Training Course has gestated inside of you and is now ready to be fully expressed. If you have had doubts before, the need of the time is your greatest ally in this work.

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