Private Counseling

Malcolm has a private counseling practice which can be done either in person or over the phone. Included in this work are single session phone consultations. He focuses his highly intuitive awareness and healing touch to help his clients break free of the binders and blinders that hinder their true light from emerging, trapping them in the darkness of their pain and frustration.

This work is mostly short-term counseling (1 to 12 sessions) and results oriented. He helps clients find and unlock the emotional blocks they experience and come to know the value, dignity, and power of their true self as they return “home” to their true purpose and vision.

Additionally, Malcolm does accept a few long-term clients who are committed to working through the Journey of Awakening process. While the work may begin similarly to the short-term counseling work, we quickly move into the higher levels of our mental and spiritual processes.

The long-term goal is to achieve freedom and mastery within this life and it is expected that these clients would do considerable homework between sessions to stabilize what was done in the session and to prepare for the next session. In Malcolm’s work, it is important to understand that we do not need to seek out spiritual values and truths in order to be spiritual. We already are spiritual. We only need to remove the darkness that clouds awareness for our pure essence, and the path of our heart, to be revealed.


Cost: sliding from $110 to $165 per hour.

Please Note:

(For a phone consult, this fee is divided up in quarter hour increments in case the call is either shorter or longer than an hour.)

“I wanted to write a short note to thank you for all the goodness that’s come my way through you: Vision Quest experiences, Quest training, and philosophy class experiences. Thanks so much for all that’s been transformational for me.”

Joe S., Massachusetts