The Storms of Chaos

Many people feel we are living through a time of chaos and dramatic change. They find themselves uncertain of the future and tentative in the present. There is a huge storm that is breaking over the world right now whipping people into a frenzy without offering a release to those charged emotions. But is this a description of the world? or merely our experience of the world? I would submit that it is the latter. So why do so many experience life as chaotic and dangerous?

There is an almost universal belief that humans are physical beings and the consequences of that false belief, and all that comes from it, are devastating. When you experience yourself as single and separate from all other entities, you cannot help but feel isolated and fearful, and you may even feel like a victim of circumstances beyond your control, as if caught up in the grip of this powerful storm. The result of these beliefs is the experience of chaos where you are at the mercy of countless outside forces.

To begin to counter this overwhelming chaos, this series will partly explore what it is to be a Human Being, shattering the old myths surrounding your physicality, and rebuilding your understanding and experience of what it is to truly be a Human Being. Within this experience you will realize that we do not live in chaos at all but in order and law, and that we have used that law poorly thereby creating the experience of apparent chaos.

However, this is just the first step. Beyond this knowledge, you will learn to still the chaotic whirlwinds of mind and heart, and heal the pain and wounding you carry as a result of these dangerous false beliefs. This is the first step in healing and is essential for moving forward in experience. Also, these skills will be critical to your spiritual journey, even as you move through the other layers. Working to heal this layer of your human experience will lay the foundation for the next series, The River of Law as well as the final journey of The Ocean of Grace.


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