Personal Mentoring

Another way of saying this is that when we are disconnected from the awareness of our spiritual essence, we experience disharmony in our psychology, which, of course, often includes physical symptoms as well. Our lives are disrupted, and discomfort, and sometimes suffering, results. The mentoring program allows the depth of focus on our experiences and who we are in reality, that is not available in group programs. It will help you to find the sources of disharmony in your life and re-balance it with the awareness of spiritual truth.

You cannot understand yourself, let alone help yourself, unless you understand the context in which you live. The context for human life is your Being-ness, the eternal, spiritual core of your existence. That is why we call ourselves “Human Beings” rather than merely “humans”. The ‘Being’ is who we actually are, our unlimited nature, while the human is made up of the attributes we use to engage with life; our physical, emotional, and mental faculties. Without a full understanding of what a human is, the depth, the breadth, and the richness of our life and experience, how can anyone heal and grow? Sadly, too many try.

For those who seek this type of ongoing, one-on-one guidance on their spiritual path, Malcolm offers a long-distance mentoring program. Classically, such a journey is called the Journey of Awakening but that is a bit misleading. For this Mentoring work, the work of re-balancing, it is important to realize that you already are ‘Human’ and you already are a ‘Being’, so, we are more than half-way home before we even start!

The real issue is simple (though not easy). Each of us has grown up learning all sorts of things about life and ourself that are mostly false–or to use a less charged word, “incorrect”. So, Malcolm has coined a new expression to describe the work: “The Great Unknowing”. You see, the journey is one of unlearning, or forgetting the false ideas you have learned, kind of like removing the clouds that cover your understanding and finding the truth, the sun, revealed as it always was, pure and perfect. Awakening is automatic!

What is this Journey of Unknowing? It is a sacred journey; no, it is the sacred journey, the journey that is described in all spiritual writings. However, the journey, as we will embark on it, will not focus on the external forms and rituals of spiritual life. We will focus on the heart of the journey: Rebalancing and Unknowing!: this will yield the awakening of the spirit to its full awareness and sensitivity. This journey is intensely personal and unique because it is guided by your heart and your desire, something Malcolm is a mere facilitator for. It is the journey home to all that is true and pure within you; a journey to the spiritual light at your core, and to the Life that is within and surrounds you.

The program is individually guided; it will start precisely where you are on that journey right now; and it will always follow the “next step” that is unfolding in you life. This is the benefit of one-on-one guidance rather than following the teachings designed for a group where you have to translate the teachings into your life as it is now, or where you follow some generalized plan.

This program requires a commitment to yourself, to your spiritual path, as well as a considerable commitment of time. The minimum length of mentorship is 6-months though there is a possibility to extend beyond that. The program consists of twice-monthly phone conversations of approximately 60 minutes (12 individual phone sessions). Every phone session will conclude with homework to deepen and extend the teachings we are exploring. This is a crucial part of the program and the time commitment to do it is essential. Homework will include various meditations, spiritual practices, wilderness sits, journaling, and other heart-centered practices that will help you move along your spiritual path and through the darkness.

This is a program that will require a commitment from both of us, a commitment of both time and intent. If, after reading this notice, you decide you would like to pursue the mentoring program you should email me and we will arrange a phone interview to answer any final questions you have about it and to give me a chance to evaluate whether this program would be useful in your life now. The Mentoring sessions are typically done over the phone.


Contact Oneness Quest to schedule the Mentoring sessions.

There are two options to pay for this program: payment in full at the beginning of the program, $1200 ($200/mo.) via check or PayPal, or monthly at $225/mo for a total of $1350.

Please Note:

(If this cost is prohibitive for you, contact Malcolm for a sliding scale.)

“I wanted to write a short note to thank you for all the goodness that’s come my way through you: Vision Quest experiences, Quest training, and philosophy class experiences. Thanks so much for all that’s been transformational for me.”

Joe S., Massachusetts