The River of Law

As you find healing in the physical (including the physical mind and emotions) through the Storms of Chaos class, you will begin to discover that there is “law” behind the healing processes—and those laws are predictable. This discovery prepares the awareness for the next series of classes that is founded on the idea that life is not chaotic at all, but is based in “law” and that the chaos we experience is merely the reflection of our own inner chaos! Here I have used the analogy of a river to illustrate the action of law; the banks of the river both define the river and determine–along with other factors–where it goes. You could say that the banks of the river reveal one of the laws that structure the river.

By “law” I mean those principles that organize life. They are not capricious and they are not changeable, and all of life is subject to them. On the physical level, we have the laws of nature. To violate those laws causes suffering and pain. For instance, if you water a plant too much or too little, it will die, if it gets too much or too little light, it will die. If you eat more than your stomach can easily hold, you will be uncomfortable. Only acting in harmony with all the laws of nature will generate a life that is strong, healthy, and rewarding.

Of course, besides the physical laws, there are laws that structure life on every other level as well, even the highest spiritual dimension. And, as with the laws of nature, violating those laws generates suffering. You can find these laws embedded in various shamanic, spiritual, and religious teachings. I am not talking here about the moral or ethical rules of each of those groups but of the fundamental principles that allow there to be an actual pathway of development Human Beings can walk.

These laws can be discovered, mastered, and owned, transforming life from struggle and suffering to freedom and fulfillment. Ultimately, you will discover that life is a mirror that can illumine and guide your pathway to freedom and Oneness. There is nothing random, chaotic, or uncertain in life. It is lawful.

The work of this series is to identify the laws of each dimension of life and learn to act in accord with them in order to live a life that is rich in all the qualities of life and that make life meaningful. Graduation from this level comes as you gradually learn to live life in spontaneous accord with the laws of life.

This series is probably the longest of the three because you need to, first, discover the laws that operate in creation; second, gain proficiency in their use so you can live the life that truly expresses your birthrights as well as the fullness of your Human Beingness; and third, you need to learn to live spontaneously in balance with those laws. With each new discovery, you will be able to take greater charge of your life and gain ever-greater confidence in the lawful nature of life.

This series is 8 sessions long and is followed by another 8 sessions that are technically part of law, but with a twist. The work at first is to look at the laws that focus on our life experience, here, in the physical. Then, a second 8 session series, called the Falls of Threshold, that focuses on the laws that move us towards the edge of Grace and Eternity, follow before we can move to the Ocean of Grace series.

This course is available to anyone who has graduated from any year of The Training and graduation from this class makes you eligible for the Ocean of Grace series.


Dates: US series and the AU series. Times are the same as for the Storms of Chaos series.

Commitment: The commitment is for four months (8 sessions).

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Price: $400 ($420 if using PayPal).

“I wanted to write a short note to thank you for all the goodness that’s come my way through you: Vision Quest experiences, Quest training, and philosophy class experiences. Thanks so much for all that’s been transformational for me.”

Joe S., Massachusetts