Vision Quest

After years of exploring various applications of the Quest, we are finally back to the mother of all the Quests—the pure Vision Quest! It is called the “mother of all Quests” because every Quest, and every application of the Quest, can be found embedded within the movements of this “Mother Quest”. Here we find Vision and purpose, revelation and understanding, purification and inspiration, and healing at every level of our life.

The Vision Quest opens up the realms of pure intimacy between the Quester and his/her life and it is in that intimacy that the Quester’s heart relaxes, opens, and is able to listen for guidance, inspiration, and self-reflection that are so crucial to the spiritual journey. And in the 4-days of the Vision Quest, there is plenty of time to dive, over and over, into the visionary heart to explore the vast mysteries of life and living.

With this offering, we are coming back to our roots of the Quest journey, diving within again, to become one with wild nature, to open to the realms of spiritual guidance, and to “touch the hem of the robes” of the Creator. If you need to know how you have changed and how those changes have affected the Visions that guide our life, join us.

If this is your first Vision Quest, you will be amazed at the power and depth of insight available to you, whether you are new to the spiritual path or are a veteran of many years. You will find that the power of the 4-day journey of the Quest far exceeds any regular daily practice you typically engage in. So, if you feel the call to Quest this year, join us, you will not be disappointed.


Dates: Sept 7 through Sept 14, 2024

Location: Pine Barrens, NJ

Instructors: Malcolm and others

Cost: Suggested Donation; $850.00 by cash/money order or check made out to Malcolm Ringwalt or The Oneness Quest. Or credit card via PayPal:

Please Note:

This donation is not payment for the Vision Quest teachings, but covers the many expenses incurred in running this program, such as the meals for the 4 days you are not Questing, land rental, supplies, travel expenses, insurance, etc., that enables us to continue to offer this program to those who are called to it. Further, it is a measure of your commitment to what you are undertaking and a measure of respect for your guides and protectors in the experience.

“I wanted to write a short note to thank you for all the goodness that’s come my way through you: Vision Quest experiences, Quest training, and philosophy class experiences. Thanks so much for all that’s been transformational for me.”

Joe S., Massachusetts