The Ocean of Grace

Only once you reach this “Ocean of Grace” do you come to experience life as it IS–as it was created by the Creator–rather than as a mirror to your own inner demons. Of course, to reach this place, you have to heal your wounds thereby stripping from your awareness all judgments, assumptions, beliefs, stories, etc., that act as limiting filters to your experiences resulting in the experience of Chaos. Then you have to learn the laws of life and internalize them, so they are as natural an expression of your living as breathing.

Only then can you settle into the sacred silence of Existence, of the true Self, and live life as it IS now, and as it has always been. Life is freed from your nasty projections and you will discover the Ocean of Being-ness, Grace, and Freedom, that has ever been alive at the depths of your pure awareness. Only after the law has been internalized can Grace be found

Of course, to progress from one level to the next does not require perfection of the previous layer! You just need proficiency in the tools of the previous layer. Healing within your life will continue far into the experience of Oneness as you continue to encounter “undigested” wounds. You will regularly fall out of balance with the laws of life, and will have to realign with them often. This is natural so when it happens, you simply need to return to the skills of that earlier level to help those imbalances heal, and then you can return to the Ocean of Oneness and Grace.

This is an advanced class, but the previous series will prepare you for it. Healing removes the filters to awareness revealing the sacred silence within. The laws of life are formed from the silence, and living in balance with them awakens a deeper connection to that silence. Here, in this series, we will focus more specifically on the silence and integrating it into an active lifestyle. This is not about living a life of seclusion, but living the fullness of life that expresses the Creator’s rootedness in the Eternal as well as Its expression in the world. It is far beyond the experience of duality. It is about transcending the limits of the individual, and of boundaries, to live the All that life IS.

To join this class, you have to have completed the entire previous series. The only other pathway in is through invitation, and that will be based on the lively presence of the sacred silence in your awareness. I will evaluate that based on your experiences in your earlier work.


Dates: ongoing, no new class scheduled.

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Cost: $400 ($420 via PayPal–“”)

“I wanted to write a short note to thank you for all the goodness that’s come my way through you: Vision Quest experiences, Quest training, and philosophy class experiences. Thanks so much for all that’s been transformational for me.”

Joe S., Massachusetts