Well, tonight is New Year’s Eve! And the beginning of a new decade. I want to wish you all the blessings that are possible to you and those you love for the coming year and the dawning decade. In my experience, the last decade has been challenging as so many seem to be seeking greater immaturity and self-indulgence rather than deepening their vision of Oneness and Life and going inside to find healing within their disharmony and find the ultimate freedom in the release into their true, Divine and eternal Self.

It seems our choice of direction and commitment, forward or back, is clear, and even stark, right now. Of course, one direction is intentional while the other is unintentional—unconscious even. Life will support and respond to whichever direction you choose, you just have to choose. It seems to me that the only thing not possible is not to choose—as even that is a choice!

Trust your choice as it will be right for you and it will guide you onward, homeward. That direction, homeward, is there now for those who choose it. Actually, whatever we choose, it is most powerful to do so with all of yourself, to embrace your direction wholeheartedly and with no reservations. Grab it and hold on to wherever it takes you, whether it feels like riding a wild bull or a tame pony; it is your journey and there is none better for you, it is unique and perfect just for you.

That is what it means to say that God is Omnipresent! We are never out of Divine love and guidance though we often have no idea why we are in the dilemma we are or where it is taking us. The disaster that appears before us is equally permeated with the presence and Grace of God as the purest moments of harmony and completeness.

Perhaps the most powerful choice we can make is to seek God in each moment, to feel the love and Grace of God everywhere, and to revel in the Truth that has always embraced us. Perhaps that is the most worthy goal of our humanity. It is certainly my search.

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