The eternal is rising from the mists of forgetfulness. Perhaps you feel its movement just behind your thoughts, sense it lurking just there, in a moment of stillness behind your activity. Perhaps, as you daily gaze over the ruins of the temples of the sacred–trampled and ignored in humanity’s rush to the literal, you will catch an ancient echo of the sacred fires that long ago burned away the darkness of ignorance, but from which now not even the cold ashes survive. What you see is the darkness that humanity has endured, and must endure just a bit longer, until that darkness is finally purged, expelled by the rising of the eternal, the sacred. It is here, now, to do its work.

This surprisingly simple meditation takes advantage of the reality that the eternal is rising, has risen, really, and now rests just below the surface of consciousness. There it is empowering feeling, thought, and action, and offering refuge in the sacred for those who choose it. If you don’t choose it–align with it, it will empower your darkness; it is not a judge but it is inexorable.

This meditation is one way to choose it. However, know that whether you choose to embrace the sacred or not, it is here, and it has chosen you. The real choice, the only choice, is whether we, individually and socially, go the easy or the hard way.

It is a simple meditation. At first, just sit with eyes closed. Take about 15 seconds to relax and notice what is moving in your awareness: thoughts, feelings, sensations, notice and let them pass. After the 15 seconds, just deeply relax and let everything, all activity, go, and rest in silence. Don’t force anything to go, that wouldn’t be relaxed!

Then every time you notice some activity intruding into your awareness, whether it is a thought, emotion, or sensation, attend to that disturbance and sense it fully but briefly, and then simply relax that disturbance into the stillness that you have settled into, open your mind and heart and let the disturbances out and settle your attention, and your awareness on silence.

With each letting go, release ever more completely, more deeply, into nothingness, so that you eventually find your self as if floating in a sea of pure awareness: vast, relaxed, still. You will almost feel yourself floating in an ocean of the eternal, perfectly at peace, perfectly still. Perfectly whole. Let it Be! and focus on the ease and simplicity of this meditation, forcing nothing but releasing everything into the purity and stillness of the sacred.

Published On: May 20th, 2022 / Categories: The Eternal /